Meet Tim…He’s lost 75lbs since April! On doctors orders, Tim changed his diet in April and started exercising in June. He started with Spin30 classes, twice a week. He’s currently Spinning 3-5 days a week, and has started incorporating Strength45! We are so happy to have him as part of our Holm Studio Fitness Family! 


I just finished my training session today and it was again the best hour of my day! I just turned 55 years old. I was a caregiver for my elderly parents and worked full-time in an exhausting sales position. Food has always been my "best friend"! I can eat if I am happy, sad or stressed.

After the death of my father in November 2009, I knew I had to take off some weight. I tried all the known diets with no success. I saw Holm Studio while driving down 64 in April 2010. It was out of my comfort zone but the Lord prompted me to stop in and ask some questions and the rest is history! I have been involved in one-on-one training, boot camps and boxing sessions for four years now.

Seven months ago my mother passed away and again food became my "friend". During that time, Josh patiently but confidently talked about the "Clean, Burn and Shape" weight loss nutrition program. In February, I was emotionally ready to give it a try! It is a phenomenal program -- easy to follow and I am thrilled with the results.

I have lost 37 pounds since I started training with Josh! I feel in the best physical and emotional place that I have ever been in...my new-found confidence pushes me during training and gives me more confidence in my sales position!

~ Kit C.


"As a long-time sufferer of Fibromyalgia and chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, I knew I needed to return to physical workouts as I’d also been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I knew my history of several past attempts of working out on my own only left me in pain and then having to quit. It was a “catch 22”. I decided it was time to check into personal training with someone who was certified in Fibromyalgia as well as Core-strength training. 

I was referred to Josh Holm and within the first few sessions my physical dilemma started to change rapidly! Training sessions were three times a week and he recommended I do cardio on alternate days. He was thorough in examining my nutritional style and made recommendations. I followed everything he said to do as I told him my goal was to be able to “take on my three year old grandsons at top speed” and come through smiling and ready for the other five. It truly amazed me as he developed a variety of workouts that were challenging yet allowed me to accomplish all sets and repetitions without feeling wiped-out. 

Instead, I gained more energy, flexibility, strength, balance, and lost the nagging pain that haunted me for so many years. His professionalism and knowledge of the human muscular system and general fitness, coupled with his personable encouragement and guidance, resulted in my committing to a total of 20 months so far and still going strong. He had even encouraged and trained me to slowly start a running program (something that has intimidated me in the past) which led me to run my first ever 5K race!!!

All my goals have been met… including losing 23 pounds, but more so, my quality of life has so drastically changed. Doctors tell me I have regained 7% bone density and to keep doing whatever I’ve been doing, So I am! I now live pain free with new-found strength, balance and energy like I’ve not experienced in a long, long time! Thank you, Josh!!!!"

~ Judy W.


I began training at Holm Studio to keep in shape for my job as a model. I began training with Josh individually, and then added in a supplementary workout with Julie on Saturday for Kickboxing Class.

Since I began training at the studio, I have met many new records that I never thought would be possible.

One of my goals was to gain muscle and definition. I have always been underweight and couldn't gain any muscle mass, and Josh worked with me on nutrition so that I could keep healthy weight on.

Additionally, Josh's creative program design keeps me interested while helping me to reach my physical goals. I have gained 10 lbs of lean muscle since working with Josh, and feel much more confident in my job.

Another goal I have accomplished was increasing my overall strength. Specifically, I set a personal record of squatting 245 lbs and dead lifting 135 lbs.

Each time I leave the studio, I feel better and have sense of accomplishment from my progress. Holm Studio has become a part of my lifestyle and it's a choice I will never regret!

Josh says, "Paige's great work ethic and long term dedication to her goals have really paid off. Sometimes women are afraid to do strength training because they assume they will bulk up. Paige is a great example of what trusting your trainer and putting in the effort can do. She has become super strong and still has the lean, feminine physique she wanted. Great job, Paige!"

~ Paige M.

"Josh Holm has been my personal trainer for the past 3 years. Since I began training with him, I have run 2 marathons, 1 triathlon, 1 half marathon. Normally this would not sound unusual, but before I began training with Josh, I weighed 211 lbs, wore size 37 pants, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was living a sedentary lifestyle.

I have since lost 53 lbs, lowered my blood pressure, lowered my cholesterol and my pants size is now 31/32. My body fat percentage fell from 36% body fat to 22 percent body fat at last measurement. And I now know myself as an athlete.

To say that I have been happy with the results would be an understatement. I now have the body that my mind always imagined. My outlook on life has shifted 180 degrees and I have accomplished things that I never thought even remotely possible.

Personal training also involves coaching, and Josh has coached me to overcome my own barriers. A triathlon seemed impossible to me because the story I made up was that I was afraid of the water. I had not been swimming in 25 years and forgot everything I learned in high school. Through Josh's relentless coaching, I got a swim teacher and went swimming daily. After only 2 months, I decided to face my fear of the water and while I was the slowest man in the race, I finished it. This is a miracle.

If you're ready to put in the work and transform yourself, I highly recommend Josh to coach you."

~ Kern T.


Matt Maher is an inspiration to everyone he greets with his megawatt smile. Matt joined the Holm Studio family nearly three months ago when he started training with Janna to prepare for the Illinois State Bodybuilding Competition. Matt is unique among others who undertake the grueling training for a bodybuilding competition - he has cerebral palsy, which primarily affects his lower body. While other athletes struggle with the demands of dieting, Matt has the additional challenge of having to modify exercises to work within his limitations. This never slows him down, however - Matt is one of the hardest working, most driven clients Janna has had the pleasure of working with.

At the Illinois State show, Matt brought the entire crowd to their feet, cheering and applauding his hard work and determination against significant adversity. His well-prepared performance inspired his fellow athletes and the crowd alike. Aside from the pride that came with accomplishing a huge life goal, Matt walked away with a shiny new trophy!

Visit the Holm Studio facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Holm-Studio-Personal-Training/347152295308288 for a picture of Matt and Janna after the show and more information on his plans for the future.


"As a senior citizen I had pretty much accepted reduced physical capabilities and the 'eat more do less' mentality. Alas, the body disagreed! After starting at Holm Studio Personal Training, I met all the goals my trainer, Julie, and I set for myself. Not only did I lose over 70 lbs., but I have increased stamina for daily activities, can comfortably walk over a mile, and can bike again. Now I say, "I think I am getting to healthy!"

~ Bill M.


"I will be the first to admit, it took me a long time to buy into the idea of working out, boot camps and the success I could 'possibly' one day achieve.  My journey to get physically fit means so much more than an outward appearance (however, it’s a nice bonus); it is about keeping my Multiple Sclerosis at bay, not having to take weekly injections and the pure joy in having nothing to discuss with my neurologist.

Exercise and proper nutrition are a part of my life and a priority now.  My trainer, Josh, never ceases to amaze me; just when I think I have seen his entire play list he continues to challenge me with new strength and stability exercises which keeps my exercise regimen interesting.

Holm Studio has changed my life in a way I will never be able to repay.  I can only share how incredibly proud I am of the success for not only myself, but for the belief and confidence the team of trainers instill in everyone each and every day.  As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible ~ the word itself says I’m Possible”. 

~ Jen


When Tyler started training with Holm Studio six months ago, his priority was to get healthy. At age 22, Tyler had already endured surgery for a ruptured disc in his lumbar spine, along with carpal tunnel surgery in both hands. He began training with chronic pain and a lack of core strength that made him nervous about performing simple daily activities.

Tyler has made great progress since those early days, having lost more than 20 pounds (adding to his pre-training weight loss, for a total of more than 60 pounds!). Equally important, Tyler has gained whole-body strength that has given him confidence and made exercise, and even just daily activities, a lot more enjoyable.

His success comes from lots of hard work, In addition to training at Holm Studio three times a week and doing cardio workouts on his own, Tyler also has improved on what were once very inconsistent eating habits.

"One year and sixty pounds ago, I never believed I could be where I am today," he wrote. "I've made unbelievable progress in my diet and exercise due to the support (and let's be serious, nagging as well) I've gotten from my trainer. Without her none of this would have been possible, she motivates me on a daily basis and has made an exercise program that is successful despite my many difficult injuries. She is a fantastic trainer and a great friend and I look forward to our continuing progress!"


~ Tyler C.


When I began at Holm Studio earlier in 2014, it was to assist getting myself both mentally and physically ready for what would turn out to be a 10 day 105 mile backpacking trip in the southern Rockies with my son. This was something I wanted to do but had never done before. There were elevations on our trek from 6,000 feet to 13,583 feet. I needed conditioning, weight loss and some discipline. 

I had been training on my own for several months but really needed more. I became aware of Holm Studio through a networking group and ended up having a meeting with a trainer which included an assessment of my current situation, going over my goals, my objectives and reviewing my diet as a type 2 diabetic. I had a goal weight I needed to get to in order to be deemed physically fit as an adult to attend the trip. We agreed on a training plan for the coming months prior to my trip. I had high expectations of myself and the training. In the months that led up to my trip, I could see the results of the plan. 

The hike in the Rockies was a trip of a lifetime!!! I cannot imagine what the trip would have been like without the training. After the trip, I could have decided to stop training, but it became more about a lifestyle change, changing my goal, and maintaining what I had already achieved. So I continue to train, continue to see the results, and overall feel much better physically and mentally.

Thank you Holm Studio for what you have helped me to achieve, and continue to work towards!

~ Rob F.


"I have been training at Holm Studio for a year now and over the past year I feel like a completely new person. Growing up I was a gymnast, I ran and worked out. However 8 years ago I had my daughter and I never got back into the routine. I would occasionally run here and there and workout but it would only last for a few weeks. 

Then I turned 40 last year and I woke up one day and decided it was time for me to get that healthy lifestyle back. It wasn't only for me but I wanted to set a good example for my daughter as well.  

I have never been more happy since walking into Holm Studio.

The dedication that my trainer gives me at each of my three sessions I do weekly is unbelievable. He challenges me with new obstacles every time I walk through the door. The workouts are never the same and keeps me motivated to do better. 

Before I started training I was always more worried about the pounds I lost but now I have learned that the numbers on the scale aren't the important part of being healthy. 

I have lost about 20 pounds and numerous inches in every part of my body and have gone down about 3 sizes in clothes. I have started running again and run at least two 10K races a month and officially signed up for my first half marathon this September. 

Holm Studio changed my life for the best. Josh, Julie and my trainer have all become a huge part of my life. I no longer dread working out and actually look forward to my sessions. It has become a habit and being healthy has become a lifestyle for me again. I finally feel comfortable in my own body again. 

I can't thank Holm Studio enough for their dedication in teaching, directing and motivating me over the past year."

~ Katie M.


Laura began working with Josh in September, 2009, the same month Holm Studio was opened. Laura made the decision to hire a trainer because her metabolism had slowed after 40 and she had gained weight, negatively affecting her self-esteem and confidence.  Her goals were to increase body definition, especially in the arms and abdominal region.  Since beginning her workout plan with Josh, Laura has lost 10 lbs. of body fat and her strength has doubled - she can even do pull-ups and push-ups! Also, Laura had never been able to run prior to working with Josh. Now she is an avid runner and regularly goes 4 or 5 miles non-stop.  

Josh says, "One of the keys to Laura’s success is her long-term dedication. Although she is very busy, she still makes sure she gets her workouts in every week. And when she has a goal in mind, she won't quit until she achieves it!"

"I HATE when I can't get my workouts in with my trainer. I see great improvements in my coordination, balance, strength and endurance. But most importantly, I have my self-confidence back!"

~ Laura M.


I'm a 49 year old grandfather and father of five daughters. During my time raising my children and working a stressful job, I forgot about my own well-being. What I failed to notice was that I had let myself become extremely overweight and out of shape. During my first assessment with Julie, I tested nearly off the charts in terms of blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat and lean mass and BMI index. 

As a Christmas gift, my family - seeing that I needed help - got me a personal trainer for the first time in my life. Prior to meeting Julie, I had been working out on my own with dire results. I had actually gained weight! 

On January 6th, 2009, I met with Julie Orna. She gave me my fitness profile, and this examination put into words everything I had refused to believe as I worked out on my own. She took that information, outlined a realistic set of goals...and turned my life around!

Now, two years after working out with Julie and following her strict guidelines for fitness, I have lost 80 lbs, 22% body fat, dropped my resting heart rate by over 20 beats per minute, and achieved healthy BMI and blood pressure. 

On top of that, I have raced in three triathlons, a half iron-man and numerous 5K and 10K races. I am here to tell you today, Julie saved my life. What was an overweight lost cause is now someone who ran his first marathon on December 5th, 2010 in Las Vegas.

None of this would have been possible if not for the hard work that Julie put into my program. She has put in as much if not more work into this than I have. She will not let you fail or quit on yourself. She takes a personal interest in everybody she works with.

Thank you, Julie, I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family.

~ Tom P.


Special Olympics super-star David Kelly has been training with his trainer for the past five years and has seen great improvements in strength, power, flexibility, agility and balance. He also has used nutritional support to cut out the much loved "french fries" for healthier options.

David competes annually in the Special Olympics State Meet for Powerlifting. Among his lofty achievements are the personal best Deadlift of 285 lbs.; Squat of 255 lbs. and Bench Press of 160 lbs., all Gold medal efforts! These extraordinary feats were done from a young man who is only 150 lbs! Safety and proper lifting techniques are his trainers primary concern, and he is constantly amazed at David's focus and dedication. He states, "David not only gives total effort, he does it with his unique style, humor, and love. He is truly inspirational."

~ David


Judy had a long history of back problems, which resulted in back surgery in August of 2010. Having worked with Holm Studio prior to the operation, I felt confident returning to him following major surgery.

Pictured here, 2 years post surgery, Judy performs 18 lb. kettle bell swings with no pain and perfect form!

~ Amazing Judy


Since beginning her tenure at Holm Studio in January 2011, Colleen has lost 30 lbs., 8.5% body fat, and total of 25 inches in her waist, hips and arms. How did she do it? Julie, Colleen's trainer, says that Colleen gives 100% in her personal training workouts; is consistent with her workouts outside of the studio; and continues to better her nutritional habits. "I don't think there is anything I have asked of Colleen that she hasn't done to the best of her ability," says Julie. "I couldn't ask for a more inspirational client and friend." When asked how this journey has affected her life, Colleen states, "Working out with Julie has truly changed my life. Julie taught me how to care for my body, how to push myself physically and mentally, and how to make healthier food choices. Julie never gave up on me, even at times when I didn't believe in myself. For me, the best part of this transformation is the gift of a healthy body, of making time for myself each day, and being a better mom and wife because of it."
~ Colleen O.


~ Margaret


~ Annette